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by Biamp
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Biamp Tesira TEC-1i

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Model: Biamp Tesira TEC-1i

Part Number: 909.0318.900

Firmware Version:

Made in the USA



The Tesira TEC-1i is an Ethernet control device for use with all Tesira systems. It offers a simple, intuitive interface for end users and can be installed and configured to fit the unique needs of a particular application. The TEC-1i connect via standard CAT-5/6/7 cabling and is powered over Ethernet, eliminating the need for custom cabling and local power sources. Multiple remote control panels can be connected over large distances using standard network technology. The TEC-1i can be flush-mounted into any wall.



  • Adjustment and/or initiation of 32 selectable system volumes and actions
  • Volumes are any individual or grouped system levels, including inputs, outputs, matrix cross-points, etc.
  • Actions are any individual or grouped system operations, including presets, source selection, mutes, ducking, combining, etc.
  • Control functions are programmed in the Tesira system design software
  • High contrast OLED display with a wide viewing angle
  • The display brightness can be adjusted to fit the ambient light present in the application and automatically dims when not in use
  • Capacitive touch technology eliminates protruding and moving parts to increase product reliability and longevity while simplifying cleaning
  • 330’ (100m) Ethernet cable length can be extended with standard PoE network technology (routers, switches, hubs, media converters)
  • Connects with standard RJ-45 or IDC connector
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty



The control panel shall provide programmable remote control of volume and selection functions for Biamp’s Tesira and TesiraFORTÉ products. The control shall be a PoE network appliance with a graphical display and a capacitive touch scroll wheel for menu navigation and selection. The connection shall be made using a standard RJ-45 or IDC connector. The control shall be available as a surface mounted device that shall not require any type of electrical box be present for mounting and available in another form factor as an in-surface device without a backbox. The control shall be made from white PVC/ABS material with UV protection additive. Warranty shall be five years. The control panel shall be a Biamp TEC-1s for surface mount applications and TEC-1i for in-surface applications.


Biamp Tesira TEC-1i  Tech Specs:

Data Sheet

Installation Manual

Additional Information such as Design Templates, Software, and Brochures. 


Width: 10"

Length: 12.5"

Height: 3.25"

Weight: 0.65 kg