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Clearance: Audio-Technica Wireless Headset Package ATW-R1100/T1001/ATM75

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DEMO CLEARANCE:  Audio-Technica Wireless Headset Package ATW-R1100/T1001/ATM75

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Package includes: 

1x Receiver

1x Body-pack

1x Black Headset Mic

1. ATW-R1100 System 10 Digital Wireless Receiver

Audio-Technica’s System 10 is a digital high-fidelity wireless system designed to provide performing musicians and presenters with advanced 24-bit operation, easy setup and clear, natural sound quality. Operating in the 2.4 GHz range, far from TV and DTV interference, System 10 offers extremely easy operation and instantaneous channel selection. Up to eight channels may be used together without any frequency coordination problems or group selection issues. System 10 receivers and transmitters offer an easy-to-read digital ID display.

Featuring stackable, contemporary styling, System 10 is available in multiple system configurations, with handheld vocal microphone/transmitters and UniPak® body-pack transmitters designed for use with ATM75 Headset Mic. The ATW-R1100 is a digital receiver offering volume control along with AF Peak and Pair indicator lights.

  • Digital 24-bit/48 kHz wireless operation for ultimate sound quality and dependable performance
  • 2.4 GHz range – completely free from TV interference
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4” output jacks with level control
  • Body-pack transmitter with CW-style locking 4-pin connector
  • Output Connectors: XLR or Balanced 1/4 Inch
  • Output Volume Knob
  • Short Antennas
  • Power Supply: barrel connection, AC adapter, Output 12.0 V, 0.5 A. Straight blade 120 V, 15A Wall Plug. 


2. ATW-T1001 Body-pack Transmitter 

Easily get your message across with a reliable wireless headset mic perfect for your presentation or exercise case. Open the cover to replace the body-pack with fresh AA batteries. Pair the unit with the receiver by pressing the "pair" button.  Attach your headset mic. And, finish by using mini-flat head screw driver for easy adjustment of the mic level.  

Body-pack transmitter with CW-style locking 4-pin connector.

3. ATM75 Headset Mic

With a pivot-mounted flexible boom that can be positioned on either the left or right side of the head, the ATM75 headworn microphone delivers professional-quality vocal pickup with hands-free operation.

Audio Technica ATM75 is a black headset mic resting over both ears with the a CW-style locking 4-pin connector. 

** Missing the AT8139L Windscreen

** Missing the AT8142 Temple Pads

Measurements including shipping box:

Weight: 1.5 lbs. 

Height: 80 cm

Width: 230 cm

Length: 220 cm

Tech Specs: